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Description of the service

ANVITA is offering a mapping service which aims to become a real tool for understanding the services, skills and facilities available to welcome and support exiled people. These mappings will enable better internal and/or external communication. They can be used to summarise, in an accessible way, the diagnosis data obtained for a given area.


The proposed mappings:

HD impression V4 Cartographie des parcours Clermont page 0001

 La cartographie
Territoire accueillant


La cartographie
Parcours  d'un.e exilé.e

Cartographie competences dispositifsANVITA GAM 2

La cartographie
Compétences et dispositifs


Cross-functional objectives:

  • Bringing together the various departments and getting them to think together about the issues of welcome and hospitality
  • Identifying the levers for action available to local and regional authorities
  • Providing a concise, accessible guide
  • Highlighting the actions, schemes and projects implemented in the region


Conditions for the successful completion of the project:

  • Having one or more contact persons within the local authority
  • Arranging for back-and-forth meetings between ANVITA and the local authority
  • Having drawn up a timetable in advance
  • Determining the terms of payment

A contract between ANVITA and the local authority defines the framework for setting up a mapping project. It specifies the various procedures and the methodological process for producing a mapping. 



To launch a mapping project or for any other information, please contact: