ANVITA at the Festival des pluies de juillet- 2021

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On July 9, 10 and 11, 2021, ANVITA had the pleasure to be among the participants of the Festival des Pluies de Juillet, in Villedieu-Les-Poêles (50) in Normandy.
Committed to an ecological and social transition, the Festival des Pluies de Juillet combines concerts, conferences, film-debates and concert walks.
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On this occasion, ANVITA animated a workshop on acculturation around migration. The participants were able to discuss the terms surrounding the migration phenomenon ("exile", "refugee"...) and the many preconceived ideas attached to it.
Finally, ANVITA animated the round table "Migration: how to act for a more dignified reception in France". To lead this discussion, the coordination of ANVITA was accompanied by :
  • Mr Patrick Ledoux, Mayor of Louvigny, ANVITA member as a local authority;
  • Mme Anne-Marie Fixot, representative of the Local Assembly of EGM (Etats Généraux des Migrations) ;
  • Mme Camille Gourdeau, PhD in socio-anthropology ; 
  • Mr Alexandre Chatel, journalist at the editorial office of Guiti News ; 
  • Mr Hossam Alghabra, certified translator in Caen.

ANVITA thanks them for their presence!

To see the teaser of the 2021 edition, Click here
To see the program of the Festival 2021 edition, Click here.
Their web site,  here.

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