Governance Platform: a welcoming European network

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The context of the crisis in Afghanistan has highlighted the issues surrounding migration and the reception of migrants. Numerous and diverse initiatives on the part of local authorities and civil society around the world have been launched following the events in Afghanistan.

In this sense, the forum published by ANVITA aimed to contribute to highlighting the need to welcome Afghan refugees, as well as the open letter of about 50 municipalities to work urgently with the global network of mayors and civil society to expand access routes and provide humanitarian assistance now. The letter was signed by 19 mayors from France, most of whom are members of ANVITA.

In this context, The Governance Plateform of the German research institute Humbolt-Viadrina proposes an interactive digital map, in which the Alliance Migrations and the ANVITA network and its members appear, which allows to identify, connect and visualize the numerous already existing networks of cities, municipalities and civil society that are welcoming and acting for the reception of migrants.

More specifically, this interactive map aims to connect these actors at a transnational level, to strengthen strategic partnerships and to build a coherent European strategy that will allow us to overcome the current impasse in European migration policy.

To explore the interactive map:

To learn more about the Governance Platform:

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