GUIDE - Unconditional reception: what competences of local authorities?

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ANVITA, as a network of local authorities and elected officials working for an inclusive and supportive reception policy, has worked on a summary guide of the competences of local authorities in the field of unconditional reception.

Indeed, if the elaboration and implementation of migration and reception policies remain the monopoly of the State, local authorities are in the front line of the reception of populations, alongside civil society organizations. Faced with this reality, local authorities are making efforts in terms of reception and integration within the framework of their competences, and sometimes beyond.

It is these competencies and possibilities for local action that the guide hopes to clarify. This is all the more necessary in the context of the upcoming elections, and when the subject of migration is only perceived in the public debate through the prism of national policies.

This guide maps the areas of action with concrete examples already implemented by ANVITA communities. It has also been co-constructed thanks to the expertise of our elected officials, whom we thank!

A tool for local authorities, civil society organizations, the media and the general public, the guide was honored at the press briefing organized by Désinfox on May 6.


Find the guide here: COMPETENCES-CT-ACCUEIL.pdf

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