Restitution MC2CM - Migration profile of the city of Grenoble

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ANVITA attended the restitution of Mediterranean City to City Migration (MC2CM) on the migration profile of the city of Grenoble on 10 November 2021, at the international solidarity centre.

The MC2MC project was born in 2015 and today brings together 22 cities in a network of Euro-Mediterranean cities such as Lyon, Lisbon, Vienna, Amman, Beirut and Tunis. Its overall objective is to contribute to the improvement of migration governance at the city level. Indeed, the network aims to understand and highlight the role of local and regional authorities in a rights-based approach to migration policies. It helps to identify new issues of local governance.

 The M2CM project gives participating cities the opportunity . The interest of this diagnosis is to use the data collected to develop new practices. It is a way of promoting the benefits of access to rights for all and of a better understanding of the links between migration and development (economic, social, cultural, etc.). The migration profile of a city thus makes it possible to analyse access to basic services and to draw up maps of the various actors in the territory and their links with the institution.

 The written report of the migration profile of the city of Grenoble will be published very soon. You can already find the MC2CM summary on nine migration profiles of cities : Amman, Beirut, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Tangier, Tunis, Turin and Vienna.


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In parallel, ANVITA participated in a conference at Sciences-Po Grenoble on the evaluation of migration policies with the intervention of researchers Serge Slama, Catherine Withol de Wenden and Michel Rousseau of Tous migrants.





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